June 25th, 2021
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To: The Granville School Community

From: Tom McGurl

Subject: School Mask Requirements Update

Date: 6/7/21

Earlier today, Governor Cuomo held a press conference and stated that New York State would continue to require individuals to wear masks inside of school buildings.  However, when outside, individuals will not be required to wear masks.  

Please note, at this time, the official guidance has not been released and school districts are unable to make any changes to our daily operational plans until the Executive Order is provided in writing.  Once issued, it is our intent that if the mask requirement is lifted for outdoor activities, the Granville Central School District will follow that protocol. 

As I noted, NYS will not be changing the indoor mask requirement and we are required to enforce this mandate.  All students and staff will continue to be required to wear a mask inside the school building.  However, given that we have transitioned into June and the days are getting warmer, if a student or staff member is having trouble with the heat and needs an extended drink or snack break to cool down; this is acceptable, so long as there is six feet of separation between individuals. Pending the Executive Order and weather permitting, teachers will be encouraged to hold classes outside where masks will not be required.

Once the official guidance document is provided, I will make sure to communicate any potential changes.

I fully appreciate how confusing the past few days have been and the difficulty in comprehending the different messages coming out of Albany.   Please be assured that we are working tirelessly to advocate for our students and will continue to do so.

As always, I continue to appreciate your support and patience as we work through this challenging time together.


To: The Granville School Community

From: Tom McGurl

Subject: School Mask Requirements

Date: 6/6/21

As has been reported by news outlets, on Friday afternoon, Dr. Howard Zucker, New York State Commissioner of Health issued a letter (click here to read) to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding differing mask policies for summer camps and schools. The letter initially stated that without CDC guidance to the contrary, the changes would take effect on Monday.

We have been informed today by the New York State Department of Education that the letter has not changed any existing arrangements. “Therefore, schools should continue to operate under their existing procedures until further notice.” This adjustment from their prior stance is to allow the CDC sufficient time to respond to Dr. Zucker’s letter. Current mask policies include requirements for mask use on school buses, in classrooms, in school hallways and on playgrounds.

I am incredibly concerned for the safety of our students and staff with the predicted high temperatures this week.  As a result, we will allow individuals to remove their masks while indoors, if six feet of separation can be maintained.  Masks will be required during movement in the buildings and on school transportation. Students will not need to wear masks during socially distanced activities outside. Our fellow Washington County schools are following a similar procedure.

If additional guidance is released, we will contact you with full details.

Should you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Hover or Mr. McGurl at (518) 642-1051.


The letter below was released this afternoon by New York State. 

If the guidelines go into effect on Monday, June 7th it is the intent of the Granville School District to comply with them. As we have since the beginning of the pandemic, we will continue to monitor this and adjust accordingly. 

NYS DOH Letter 06/04/2021

Updated NYSED Guidance

There is new guidance from the State of New York to reopen schools. We have begun to review the content with our safety advisors to determine the best course of action and timeline for returning all students to the regular classroom setting as soon as it is safe to do so. 

As a result of the new guidance, one change is immediate: All students, staff,  and visitors will be required to wear masks at all times (except when eating) while in the building. This will begin on Monday, April 12th. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. More information will be out this week. 

NYSED Updated Guidance Document

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