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Shall the Board of Education, Granville Central School District, Towns of Granville, Hebron, Hampton, Whitehall, Washington County, New York be authorized to expend the sum set forth in the proposed budget in the total amount of $28,200,163 during the school year 2022-2023 and to levy the necessary tax therefore?
Yes 212
No 44
Elect 5 Board Members
Jeffrey McMorris 117
Kimberly Bascom 175 2 year term
Edward Vladyka 187 3 year term
Mario Torres 182 3 year term
Daniel Nelson 188 3 year term
Audrey Hicks 160 1 year term

2022 Granville CSD
Budget Packet 

Spring 2022 Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings & Budget Workshops

February  28, 2022
Budget Workshop # 1 - Expenditures: Cafeteria, Transportation, Operations, & Maintenance
Special Board of Education Meeting 
6:00 pm 
High School Libra

March 14, 2022
Board of Education Meeting 
6:00 pm 
High School Library

March 28, 2022
Budget Workshop #2 - Expenditures: Instructional Textbooks, Equipment, Personnel Staffing (Instructional and Support), Special Education, Computer Assisted Instruction, INterscholastic Sports
6:00 pm 
High School Library

April 11, 2022
Board of Education Meeting - Review State Aid Revenues and Adopt the 2022-2023 BUdget
6:00 pm
High School Library 

April 26, 2022
Special Board of Education Meeting 
Adopt the BOCES Budget
12:00 pm 
Virtual - Webex

May 9, 2022
Budget Hearing
Followed by the Board of Education Meeting 
6:00 pm 
High School Library
 Minutes DRAFT

May 17, 2022
Budget Vote
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
High School Gym

About Us

Golden Opportunities Start Here is more than just a saying at the Granville Central School District. Due to very strong community support, the district has been able to offer a rich academic program far exceeds that norm for a  district of its size. 

Granville has committed to, not just simply providing  required school course work, but to providing learners with a host of opportunities and enrichments to support and enhance their educational experience. Granville students have access to numerous  Advanced Placement, college credit bearing and career preparation programs. In addition, Granville has award winning Future Farmers of America, business and technology programs as well as extracurricular  and athletic programs to meet the diverse interests of the student body.  

Come and start your journey towards Golden Opportunities today. 

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