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Due to a shortage of bus drivers this week, Students in grades 8 -12 will be fully remote from January 19th thru January 22nd. At this time, we anticipate that in-person instruction will resume on January 25th for these students.  Should this change additional information will be provided. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

Faculty and staff should report to the building as normal.

Please stay safe and healthy. 

Yellow Zone COVID Testing Information

December 16, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It has been the goal of the Granville Central School district to provide your child with the education they need and deserve during this difficult time. We have been met with many obstacles that we feel we have been able to overcome or adapt to. In the interest of keeping our families informed of any changes that occur at the Granville Central School District we would like to address the topic of testing our students, faculty, and staff for COVID-19 as directed by the New York State Cluster Action Initiative. 

Under the NYS Cluster Action Initiative regional areas of the state could be placed in yellow, orange or red zones. Determination of these zones is dependent on positivity rates, new cases and hospital admissions. If the Granville Central School District was to be placed in a yellow zone (the least restrictive zone), we could continue to remain open to in-person instruction as long as we follow specific testing procedures. These procedures mandate us to perform random COVID-19 tests on 20% of our in-person population (students, faculty, and staff). This testing must take place over a 2-week period following the designation of a yellow zone. It is possible that if the results of our testing yield lower positivity rates than the yellow zone’s current 7-day positivity rate, then we will no longer be required to test as long as we remain in a yellow zone. Should our results show a higher positivity rate than the yellow zone, we will have to continue to test another unique 20% of individuals on a bi-weekly basis. This is the minimum standard we must adhere to. If we were to be placed in an orange or a red zone, we would have to test a larger percentage of our population.

Every student that is tested for COVID-19 has to give consent. No child will be tested without parent/guardian consent. If we do not receive enough consent to test 20% of the in-person population then we will have to resort to fully remote instruction. The consent form is available on the school’s website. If you are unable to access that, please let us know and one will be mailed to you. Any students who are currently fully remote do not need to have consent as they will not be tested. No student will be excluded from in-person if they do not have consent. 

We are working with an independent agency, Adirondack Health and Wellness, who will be performing the tests should it become necessary. A quick video is available on our website to reference how a test is performed. An informational guide of Frequently Asked Questions is also available on the website. We encourage you to view and discuss these with your child. The goal is to inform them not to scare them.

If you have questions regarding testing, we ask that you reach out to your child’s school nurse. Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.

 Testing Letter & FAQ Sheet

*Please Fill Out* - Google Form for Testing Consent

How is the testing performed - Click to see the video


In keeping with the Granville Central School Districts 2020-2021 goals, the district’s Board of Education, administration, and staff will be reviewing our current views regarding the role and importance of homework in our schools. In conducting this review, we will be studying its value, purpose, impact, and importance. This is an important first step in the process of establishing consistent building and district-wide norms for homework across grade levels and subjects. This is no small task and we need your help! We have created the following survey for parents and students to begin to garner a better understanding of your views on the subject. PLEASE take a few minutes to complete this. Your help will give us a more complete foundation on which to build.
- T. McGurl Superintendent 

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Golden Opportunities Start Here is more than just a saying at the Granville Central School District. Due to very strong community support, the district has been able to offer a rich academic program far exceeds that norm for a  district of its size. 

Granville has committed to, not just simply providing  required school course work, but to providing learners with a host of opportunities and enrichments to support and enhance their educational experience. Granville students have access to numerous  Advanced Placement, college credit bearing and career preparation programs. In addition, Granville has award winning Future Farmers of America, business and technology programs as well as extracurricular  and athletic programs to meet the diverse interests of the student body.  

Come and start your journey towards Golden Opportunities today. 

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With summer drawing to a close we will be back in school very shortly. Here are some new faces that you may see around campus. We are very excited to have this talented group join us.

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